Our mission

Create seamless digital experiences by enabling the world to move value like it moves information

We aim to remove barriers to progress and empower people to move forward, so that people worldwide have equal economic opportunity. We do this by fundamentally changing the way we transfer and exchange value unlocking trapped value and embedding trust, data and personalization at the core of innovation.

Why Vaulut

Vaulut is a universal platform for value transfer and exchange that is built for businesses that put customer relationships first. Today’s digital consumers expect to engage meaningfully with a digital platform of choice, when it suits them. To speak their language, offerings must be truly digital and seamless. That’s why Vaulut is built to make moving value and transact as easy as sending a text message.


Too often, the focus on the digital consumer is lost in the entire value chain of payments, commerce or financial services. Consumers should be the first touchpoint in the value chain, not the last.

Integrated and personalized services

Consumers want integrated services that are tailored to their need. For example, travel insurance bundled with an Uber trip or an AirBnB booking, a loan plus car insurance while buying a car or even a wallet embedded in a car.

Unlocking value in data

Sharing and getting access to real-time data has never been easier. Learn more about how we are unlocking value in data.

We are driven to build things that just make sense

Everybody will benefit

With Vaulut’s financial infrastructure as a service, any company will be able to become a fintech company.


Launch companies faster and cheaper

Financial services incumbents

Introduce new, personalised products faster while spending less on IT

All corporates

Introduce financial and data sharing services in existing non-financial products


Most importantly, consumers will have more choices and enjoy delightful products with a seamless experience


This is us

Sten Reijers

Daniel den Boer