Direct and decentralized data sharing

Our data sharing platform removes obstacles that hamper data exchange by putting data sovereignty, privacy, security and monetary incentives at the core of the platform. Data can be shared directly between the buyer and the seller in a secure, private and efficient way without the need for a central middleman using Distributed Ledger Technology.

Designed for developers

The most powerful and simple tools

We obsess over the right abstractions that eliminate needless complexity, so your team doesn’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating transaction functionality for your connected mobility service.

Powerful SDK

For managing wallets, identities and real-time data transactions.

Custom endpoints

Simply add your endpoints and start sharing data.

const { Interfaces } = require('@vaulut/sdk-js');

class MyEndpoint extends Interfaces.Endpoints.Monetize {
   * Constructs a monetizable endpoint
   * @returns {MyEndpoint}
  constructor() {
      path: '/my/precious/data',
      costPerCall: '1000',
      currency: 'µUSD'

   * Endpoint execution callback
   * @returns {Promise}
  async execute() {
    return {
      temperature: 43,
      date: Date.now()
module.exports = MyEndpoint; 


Distributed Ledger Technology

Based on our highly scalable Distributed Ledger Platform called Byzantium, enabling parties to exchange and monetize data directly.


An open data ecosystem that benefits all participants

Infrastructure that scales with your business

Scale to any size

Vaulut’s products are designed to support the huge amount transactions connected mobility devices will produce.

Security by design

Our decentralized architecture helps you overcome the security and scalability challenges of connected mobility.

New business models

Develop, test and deploy new usage-based business models that require connected mobility devices to perform micropayments.

The backbone for connected mobility

As vehicles will get more autonomous, machine-to-machine data transactions between vehicles and smart city infrastructure will become ubiquitous. For ambitious companies around the world, Vaulut makes vehicle data transactions as simple, borderless and programmable as the rest of the internet.