We are transforming the internet into a secure and trusted machine-centric medium in which the user is in full control and “the edge” is seamlessly enabled. The Smart Web offers a unifying layer where encryption, trust and identity are built-in and automatically enabled for anything and everything connected to it.


Our technology is fully compatible with the current internet infrastructure and its standards, but it introduces a crucial layer of trust between humans, machines and AI. It removes bottlenecks and limitations of the existing system, ensures privacy, security and identity by default, and unlocks greater scalability potential for future “edge-enabled” technologies and applications.


What began as a project to solve some big limitations in the blockchain industry by building scalable web technology for trust, transactions and data exchange, eventually evolved into something much larger: an internet technology company with the aim to expand the internet beyond humans. We aim to create a machine-centric internet to enable a machine economy where users are in full control. By building developer-friendly infrastructure and intelligent tools that give everyone the ability to create amazing products that solve today’s biggest problems, we help create a more sustainable future.


The machine economy is where smart, connected, autonomous, and economically independent machines or devices carry out the necessary activities of production, distribution, and operations with little or no human intervention, unlocking great economic potential and large increases in efficiency and sustainability.