Get ready for the future of mobility

Connected mobility is moving quickly. Vaulut’s platform is constantly improving and helps your business adapt to this rapidly changing environment. Our products enable you to extract the value of the staggering amounts of data and financial transactions connected mobility devices will produce autonomously

A platform for your device to pay and earn autonomously

With Vaulut, your connected mobility device can perform autonomous vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) payments. At the same time, it can also earn by selling the data they produce, or the energy stored in their batteries when demand is high.

Infrastructure that scales with your business

Scale to any size

Vaulut’s products are designed to support the huge amount transactions connected mobility devices will produce.

Security by design

Our decentralized architecture helps you overcome the security and scalability challenges of connected mobility.

New business models

Develop, test and deploy new usage-based business models that require connected mobility devices to perform micropayments.